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Art & Handicrafts in Orissa

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Art & Handicrafts in Orissa

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Orissa is highly noted for its handicraft that has enabled the state to earn huge recognition both at a national as well as international level. The source of great artwork, the state has numerous artisans that are its native.

Silver Ware and Filigree Work

The Silverware and Filigree work of Orissa is are perfect exemplar of its artistic excellence that is unrivalled in itself. One can find animals and birds, and other items made from silver wires that are highly bagged by visitors. Moreover, the Filigree ornaments like brooches and are also famous among the females.

Brass and Bell Metal Ware

Brass & Bell Metal such as bell metal utensils, bronze bangles and pots are an integral part of Orissan art. One can find numerous metal Artifacts made of metal, being used in the homes of Odisha. Some of the examples of these handicrafts comprise lamps, bowls made, Containers, household articles and utensils.

Terracotta and Pottery

Orissa still holds its ancient legacy and one can find Potters that make earthen pots for different religious and social functions. Adorned with various colorful designs and shapes, the pots are framed in different shapes are are wonderful piece of handicraft. Terracotta figures of different animals as well as toys are also found in the state of Orissa.

Appliqué Works

Appliqué works is highly practiced Pipli by its tailors and is in high demands in the country side and international market. Some of the appliqué work comprises Giant-sized umbrellas, Heart-shaped fans, wall-hangings, figures of animals & birds, Bags and so on. While large appliqué canopies find their usage in numerous marriage functions the canopies are used in temples.

Golden Grass And Cane Works

Golden Grass and Cane work has earned huge recognition in the market much due to its longevity and utility. The local females make various items of daily use from golden grass such as Baskets, hand fans and tablemats, Floor mats that are highly demanded in the market. Moreover, Cane work is also a popular handicraft form that is famous for it’s weaved baskets and furniture items.

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