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Odisha Travel Tips

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Odisha Travel Tips

Make sure to pre-plan your flight or train, to make sure that make it out on time through the checking process and be there without any last minute hassle.

It would be a great idea to have a look at some of the airport transfers that are offered by numerous local private air-conditioned cabs and cars to make sure you can easily reach out to your hotel/resort.

Since the climate in Orissa is much hotter than the rest parts of the country stick to mostly cotton clothes.

If you wish to explore the wildlife in Orissa then make sure to carry some clothes that would fully cover your legs and arms for protection from mosquito bites and flies.

Make sure to keep some extra bucks for the extra expenses such as some eating out at a local joint, visiting the museums, national parks etc.

Being a traveler keeping less of cash and rest on your cards is the best way to avoid any loss.

Make sure to bag in some chemical sunscreens as well as mosquito repellents.

To save some bugs plan out a sightseeing tour explore some of the places that are in close proximity to each other on a single trip or are located nearby.

Do make sure to keep all the essential documents like visas& passport safely (if required).

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