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Chandaka Elephant Reserve

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Chandaka Elephant Reserve

chandaka elephant reserve orissa

Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary located in Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha is a noted elephant reserve of Odisha. Located on the Eastern Ghats, it is set across an area of 175.79 sq. km. The sanctuary cum elephant reserve houses wild elephants as its prime beast that can be easily spotted here especially during dark hours.


The sanctuary houses varied forest types such as semi evergreen forest, coastal forest, thorny grooves etc, each of which can be found at different parts of the reserve. Moreover, Teak, Eupatorium, Kochila, Kangada, Teak, Kumbhi, Sidha etc. are the commonly found plants found here. Chandaka Elephant Reserve also houses valuable medicinal plants such as Baidanka, Bhuin-kakharu, Apamaranga and many more. Some varieties of orchids like Ferns, Bryophytes and Lichens also add up to the beauty of the vegetation here.


The Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary is home to a varied species of mammals such as Giant wild elephants, Chital, Rhesus monkey, small Indian civet, Common Indian mongoose and many more. In addition to this, Small Indian mongoose, Sloth bear, Leopard Indian wolf, Ruddy mongoose, Pangolin and Hyena are the other prominent mammals found here. Rock python, Bengal Monitor lizard, Russel's viper, Common vine snake are the reptiles that found their home here. Talking about the variety of migratory birds that flock this reserve are Open billed Storks, Egrets and Cormorants. Garganey, common Teal, spot billed, white eyed Pochard etc. are some varieties of ducks that are spotted here. The Avi-fauna comprises Peafowl, Dabehick, Crested serpent eagle, Black headed oriole, Paradise fly catcher.

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